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Coconut Palms Resort

Climb the volcano and Discover Vanuatu

On your island of Efate there is much to see and do. The island has a rugged coastline and rolling verdant countryside, fast flowing rivers, cascading waterfalls, isolated sandy bays and lagoons; while the interior offers verdant rain forest cut into only by a few walking tracks to remote weather and radio beacons.

Mt Yasur on Tanna Island is the most popular ‘Volcano’ destination due to the easy access to the summit. After a rather arduous 4wd drive adventure through unsealed roads, island villages, deep pot holes, flowing rivers and desolate ash plains, you arrive at the base of Mt Yasur. While the walk is a little rough and steep the climb only takes about 15 minutes. Then you are there, right at the mouth of the crater. It is the most amazing experience to feel the rumbling earth beneath your feet, hear the whizz of volcanic rock fly through the air and feel the heat from the explosion of fire before you. A tour at night is most impressive, as you witness the sun setting, the air becomes really cold and windy, and with an inky sky as a back drop the lava seems even more vivid.

Coconut Palms Resort

Meet the locals, sample the hospitality and grab some action!

Vanuatu offers ‘relax and play’ fun and unique activities for any traveller from treks, waterfall abseiling, deserted beach picnics to wreck diving and cultural village visits. Divers come from all over the world for Vanuatu’s superb underwater visibility, warm water and world-class dive sites.

Night life in Port Vila is no less fun than the daytime activities on the islands. The atmosphere is ‘fuelled’ by the tempo of the music and all ages are catered for - night clubs and pubs, several casinos and many wonderful locally and internationally flavoured eateries around the harbour and beyond. You can stroll along the waterfront or back streets late at night and feel safe. Passing locals are likely to wish you a soft "Good night", or perhaps strike up a friendly conversation. Shopping is fun, easy going, and hassle free! There's no such thing as a hard sell or pushy salesman. Prices are fixed and bargaining is not a part of the friendly lifestyle.

Coconut Palms Resort

Visit beautiful waterfalls, beaches or try something new!

Cascades and waterfalls in Vanuatu are many and spectacular and on the Island of Efate you can choose to take a refreshing dip at the Mele Cascades and cool off under the sun. You will be surrounded by beautiful evergreen and lush vegetation; you may even swim up for a drink at nature’s first pool.

The Eton Beach and Crystal Blue Lagoon beach are a ‘must’ to visit. Although a fair drive out of town (45 minutes), the end result is rewarding and a great way to spend some time. Alternatively, the clear waters of the Southern Pacific offer endless opportunities for the fishing enthusiast, there are so many charters to choose from - where you can catch marlin, wahoo, spanish mackerel, giant trevally and numerous species of Tuna including albacore and yellowfin.

Less ambitious but every bit as much fun is ocean or river kayaking, Efate has them all. Alternatively just pop on a snorkel, mask and flippers and go and explore for live corals and tropical fish in their millions.

Coconut Palms Resort

Visit beautiful waterfalls, beaches or try something new!

The absolute best way to see Vanuatu in all its magnificent glory is from the air. Book a flight, our Resort Tour Desk can help you with this and in no time you can be lifting off into clear blue skies to skim effortlessly over the ocean, maybe spotting basking fish, underwater live coral and passing shimmering white sailboats and motor yachts. Head next toward the famous and fascinating sites of Vanuatu – the inland forests, the volcanoes and the cascading waterfalls all from the comfort and safety of your own aircraft seat. Fabulous!